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Earthworms Lawn dressing is ideal to use as an underlay for new grass or as a top-dress for existing lawns. Lawn dressing contains a quality mix for a greener, healthier looking lawn.

Specifically formulated to add vital organic matter to your soil allowing your lawn to absorb nutrients more readily.

Generally, Lawn dressing is spread over/ raked into the lawn to provide additional “food” for the lawn and give it a boost and encourages additional growth and thickness.  The Lawn dressing can also act as a leveller for area in your lawn that are uneven.


Pricing – Delivered (20km radius) and including VAT
1m³ R1120 / m³ R1,120
2m³ R 910 / m³ R 1,820
3m³ R 900 / m³ R 2,700
4m³ R 850 / m³ R 3,400
5m³ R 800 / m³ R 4,000
6m³ R 785 / m³ R 4,710
10m³ R 770 / m³ R 7,700
15m³ R 760 / m³ R 11,400
Collected per m³ = R530
Collection bag (each) = R65
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