Earthworm Organic Mediums

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Compost and Lawndressing Delivered to your garden

Healthy soil = Healthy plant Add lawndressing and compost to your garden

Plant Nutrition for a healthy garden Add lawndressing and compost to your garden


20 years of compost making experience makes Earthworm Organic mediums the Landscapers supplier of choice.

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Top Soil

Superior quality topsoil and lawn dressing that are free from any weeds sets Earthworm Top Soil apart from the rest.

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Lawn Dressing

Let us make a mix of that is specific for your needs that will nurture your plants and produce the maximum return.

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Nutricast Bag

This product is ideal for the veggie grower and for the gardener who requires a serious growth boost for certain plants.

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Special Mixes

Earthworm Organic Mediums are in a position to make different mixes according to a specified requirement.

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Of all the compost that we have tried over the years, Earthworm’s is by far the best. No weeds, and a truly beautiful end result in the Garden.

Thank you Wendy

Gerald J


Our Compost

– High in nutritional value – Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and Micro Nutrients

– Provide food for your garden

– The advantages of applying organic compost to your garden includes

– provides the heart of the soil by ‘glueing’ the soil particles into – stable porous structures

– Water Retention in the soil

– providing and holding nutrients in an available form for your plants

– supporting soil life: bacteria, fungi and worms

Look after your soil and your soil will support healthy plants and be more productive.  It also provides vital humus and nutrients to encourage plant growth.

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Our Lawn Dressing

– Our Lawn Dressing provides nutrients to your lawn and acts as a leveller when lawn have small gaps and holes in it.

– Best time to apply is late winter / early summer

– Application rate suggested by EWOM is 1m³ per 100m² of lawn at 7 – 10mm thick

– Cut lawn short prior to applying – Apply the lawn dressing and water

– If you have the time and resources then using a garden fork and placing holes in the lawn can also assist.

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