Frequently asked questions

What is compost used for?

Enriching soil by digging into flowerbeds and vegetable patches.

What is lawn dressing used for?

Spreading over the top of grass to promote new growth.

What is potting soil used for?

To pot newly bought flowers and trees.  Topping up of flower beds with more soil/compost mix

What is the difference between compost and lawn dressing?

Our compost is pure organic manure based compost with nothing added.  Lawn dressing is a 50/50 mix of topsoil to compost made for spreading evenly over grass or topping up your garden beds.

What is the difference between potting soil and lawn dressing?

Our potting soil is a 70/30 topsoil to compost mix, ideal for planting, levelling of grass, topping up flower beds and new vegetable gardens.

Can you use compost as lawn dressing?

Yes but is rougher than lawn dressing and takes a few weeks for the compost to settle in the grass.

Will compost burn my plants?

No our compost is not strong enough to burn plants.

Do we sell Topsoil?

We do not sell topsoil, only mixed products.  Should you require large volumes of topsoil we can see if we can arrange for customers.

Do we sell Grass?

No. We can however assist you with contacts for grass.

How big is 1m³?

 1m x 1m x 1m

How much does 1m³ compost weigh?

Approximately 600kg depending on moisture content

How much does 1m³ lawn dressing weigh?

Approximately 750kg depending on moisture content

Do you sell earthworms?

So no we do not sell worms, we use the worms to produce some of the organic materials.

How much lawn dressing do I need for my lawn?

1m³ of lawn dressing covers an area of 100m² at 7-10mm thick application rate.  So you need to work out the m² of the grass area and work out based on the size.

How much compost do I need for my beds?

For best application 1m³ cover an area of 30-40m² at 10-30mm thick application.

What is Nutricast?

NutriCAST is our organic agricultural fertiliser used as an additional feed booster to your garden at home.  It is a concentrate of macro and micronutrients and naturally occurring growth hormones and is ideal for all garden use especially vegetable gardens.  This product should be used sparingly as a sprinkle feed.

How long does delivery usually take?

We need proof of payment prior to delivery.  Once received delivery will be 24-48 hours thereafter or on a specified day arranged with our friendly sales team.

When is the best time to put lawn dressing on my grass?

Late winter to early spring. August to October.  Your lawn can always do with some additional nutrition however the growing season is August to October or when the seasonal rains arrive.

How often should I water?

Once any product is applied watering should be done the same day and then twice a week thereafter.

Can I plant directly into compost?

No, plants need soil to grow properly, and compost does not have any topsoil.  You need to use a potting soil which is a mix of Compost and soil.

Do we offer a spreading service?

No unfortunately not.  We run tipper trucks as a drop and go service only.

Do we deliver inside of properties?

We can deliver inside of properties if there is enough space and at the owner’s own risk.

Is our compost weed free?

Yes, our compost is weed free.  This is done through the composting process and the temperature of the composting piles during manufacturing. 

Is the product in bags?

We do have product in bags however can be collection at our offices in Kyalami.

Does compost kill weeds?

Our compost will not kill weeds.  It will unfortunately only feed them.

Is the compost safe for animals?

Dogs, in particular like the compost.  They will not get sick if they eat the compost.  They might roll and play in the compost.

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