Comparison of some novel polyculture and traditional monoculture vermicomposting reactors to decompose organic wastes

Apr 20, 2009 | Research papers

Comparison of some novel polyculture and traditional monoculture vermicomposting reactors t decompose  organic wastes

Surindra Suthara,*, Sushma Singhb

a Environmental Biology Laboratory, Post-Graduate Department of Zoology, B.R.G. Govt. Girls (PG)    College, Sri Ganganagar 335001, India

b Department of Chemistry, N.M. PG College, Hanumangarh 335513, India

The greater microbial density and activities, as measured through

microbial biomass-N and dehydrogenase activity, respectively, further support the hypothesis that the microbial load of vermireactor could be accelerated by introducing drilosphere constructing worms in waste decomposing system.

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