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NutriCAST™ is manufactured by Earthworm.  NutriCAST™ is the high value compost that has gone through an Earthworms digestive tract, which adds numerous natural growth hormones to this organic fertiliser.

NutriCAST™ is ideal for your vegetable garden and even if you have some problem area’s in your garden, a dose of NutriCAST™.

NutriCAST™ is formulated in a unique combination to promote natural soil fertility, encouraging germination, root proliferation and enhancing plant growth and yields of most crops.  NutriCAST™ has been particularly effective on high value crops, such as fruit and vegetables.

NutriCAST™ can bring back life to degraded garden beds and increase the fertility of soil.  The use of NutriCAST™ contributes to a fine particulate soil structure, good moisture-holding capacity, and nutritional content such as nitrogen, potassium, and calcium.  NutriCAST™ has a high microbial content, with enzymatically diverse activities, which contributes to making nutrients plant available.  Because NutriCAST™ is so rich in plant-available nutrients, it tends to perform well, at relatively low application rates in plant growth media or soils.

** Worms are not included in the product

Delivery is in 1m³ units

Collection price of 1m³ is R1040

Available in 60dm Bag at R200 per Bag (including VAT) – Collection only

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